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Welcome to one of the best tattoo studios near Woodland Hills!

Located approximately 15 miles from Woodland Hills, our renowned shop and artists are well worth the drive.
Geometric tattoos, Sleeves, Abstract Tattoos, Asian Tattoos, Pirate Tattoos (of course!), Black and Grey Tattoos, Fine Line Tattoos, Celtic Tattoos, Bio-mechanical Tattoos, Religious Tattoos, Dot work Tattoo, Pointillism Tattoo, Stipple Tattoos, Sacred geometry tattoo, Mandala Tattoo, Haida Tattoos, Color Work Tattoos, Memorial Tattoos, Tribal Tattoo, Old School Tattoos, Realistic Tattoos, Portrait Tattoo, Cartoon Tattoos, Tattoo Removal, Horror Tattoos, Cover-up Tattoos, Scar Tattoos, Lettering Tattoos, Anigram Tattoos, White Ink Tattoos, Stippling Tattoos, Animal Tattoo, Geisha Tattoos, Fantasy Tattoos, Skull Tattoos, Heart Tattoo, Dragon Tattoos, Ocean Tattoos, Wolf Tattoo, Script Tattoos, Flower Tattoos, Female/Pinup Tattoos


Our Convenient Woodland Hills Tattoo Shop Location

Located less than 16 miles from Woodland Hills, Studio City Tattoo is convenient to all of Los Angeles & Southern California. Take a quick trip and experience the best Los Angeles has to offer. We promise that extra personal touch to make your dream tattoo a reality!

A Brief History of Woodland Hills, CA

Woodland Hills is known as an affluent neighborhood in the San Fernando area of the city of Los Angeles. A beautiful area flanked by the Santa Monica Mountains. Many people commute from Woodland Hills to the DTLA or Studio City for work. We have tons of clients from Woodland Hills and we highly value your business. When you’re here on business, stop into our friendly shop and set your appointment!

We are proud to celebrate the unique character of Woodland Hills with our professional nearby tattoo studio!

Professional Tattoo Artists in Woodland Hills, CA

Quality and Safety near Woodland Hills : Studio City Tattoo

Woodland Hills and Southern California have a long history of some of the world’s most memorable tattoos, from celebrities to the mainstream.

Studio City Tattoo draws on this legacy, blending the best of old-school and new-school styles to create your dream tattoo in our world-renowned tattoo parlor.


Our Address:
11032 Ventura Blvd
Studio City California 91604 USA
Hours of operation:
11 am until 12 midnight 7 days a week.




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