We Do Not Do Racist Tattoos or Any Symbols of Hate / Bigotry Tattoos


It's sad that in this day of age we have to make a webpage stating this fact-we at Studio City Tattoo do not tattoo racist tattoos or any tattoos that are of a racist or bigotry nature.

Any tattoo that makes an artist uncomfortable will be turned down. We will politely let you know we are not comfortable with your choice of tattoo and that we are not the shop for you.

We have a sign in the window that reads"Everyone is welcome here" However this doesn't include Racist, Aggressive, homophobic, hateful people. Be nice, be polite, be respectful and you are welcome in our home that is Studio City Tattoo!

We recently got a 1-star yelp review from someone we turned down because we didn't tattoo a German Iron Cross and put words in German below it. WE are extremely proud of that 1-star review!

#coverthehate tattoo

While we can not change the world, we can try to help make the world a better place. #coverthehate This sunflower is a good example of changing something ugly into something beautiful. We can always do better as humans :) Be the good, be the change!

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