Walk The Plank Selfie Station

Walk The Plank - Selfie Station

Click The Picture To See Selfie Examples Of Our Customers Having Fun

When visiting Studio City Tattoo and Los Angeles Body Piercing don't forget to take a selfie at our Walk the Plank Selfie Station!  You can take a picture of you with your new tattoo or body piercing along with friends.  Come put on one of our pirate hats and have fun taking a photo while in the shop. This is a fun experience. If you wanting to show off your new tattoo or waiting for a friend getting tattooed then is is a fun device.

With a push of a button you can send the photo to your Instagram or email.  We're having a ball with the new addition to Studio City Tattoo and think you will enjoy messing around with it too.

Don't forget to add a mustache!