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Rules and Regulations for MINORS! UNDER 18

If you are under the age of 18, you MUST have a *documented CUSTODIAL PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN present. (During Covid-19 Pandemic Please Call To Check Our Status On Piercing Minors)

*Under California State Law, the parent/guardian must present a *valid state or federal photo ID, as well as an original Birth Certificate for the minor in question (regardless of physical resemblance, matching residential addresses, etc) Acceptable I.D. examples are: State Driver’s License, State I.D. Card, Military I.D., or Passport. *Expired forms of ID are not recognized as valid.

-For any piercing other than ear lobes, the minor must also be able to present a valid photo ID (school ID, state ID, etc).

-We generally work with children starting at (between the ages of 7-10). This can vary depending on how the child feels, as consent for both parties is of utmost importance! We want to know the little person really wants the piercing. That said, our piercers reserve discretion to pierce based on the comfort levels of the minor in question.


All children's piercings are done between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm. We recommend Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please give us a call before stopping into the shop to see which body piercer is working and to ask what minimum age they feel comfortable piercing.

Steve pierces (7 & up)



**You absolutely MUST be 18+ to receive a surface bar/surface anchor, tongue, nipple and/or genital piercings. No exceptions.**

**It is illegal to tattoo any person(s) under the age of 18 in California. There will be no exceptions to this law.**

Thank you for understanding our position on piercing minors. We hope to be your body piercing professionals!

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