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Capt. Dave 

Lead Artist at or VIP resort tattoo shop.

Anthony "Shark" Romero 

We would love for you to become part of our family of loyal customers.

Why a visit to Studio City Tattoo is worth it 

  • All our tattoo artists & body piercers are highly skilled  & creative.
  • We translate your imagination into a tattoo or piercing that reflects your personality and sense of style.
  • Our customers walk away happy with their new tattoos.
  • We give free touch-ups for the next 6 months if needed
  • All our crew is CAL O.S.H.A Bloodborne Pathogens certified and licensed by the Los Angeles Health Department.
  • Our customers loved us on Yelp & Google.


A few helpful tips for first-time customers:

  • Need help on deciding what tattoo to get.
  • What to expect on your first piercing visit,
  • How to select the right artist to work on your concept.
  • How much will my new tattoo or piercing  cost me ?
  • I need help to cover up an old tattoo.
  • Not all good concepts make great tattoos. How do I decide ?
  • Aftercare tips for your new tattoo.
  • Aftercare tips for your new piercings.

We highly recommend this product for tattoo aftercare.

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