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Tattoo Deposit Info

Please understand we cannot draw for everyone who calls us and wants us to draw a tattoo. We need to know you are serious about getting the tattoo so we ask for a deposit from every customer.

When you make an appointment with us we require a deposit to set your appointment time. The during time set for your appointment on the schedual, we can not take walk-in tattoos or book another appointment in that slot. If you don't show for your appointment we lose money when we could have been working or booking a walk in tattoo.

Your artist also spends time drawing for an appointment. In the case that a client no-shows us the deposit helps compensate the artist for the effort, they spend preparing for your tattoo.

Deposit Costs

We take a 100.00 deposit on small to medium tattoos and 300.00  deposit on day rate tattoos. You deposit comes off the price of your tattoo and is not an extra charge. The deposit is to secure your appointment time with us and let us know we can begin the drawing process.

You can also prepay day rates at 900.0 here.

Please Call the shop for the deposit appointment confirmation number before leaving the deposit. Remember to add it to the notes of your Pay-Pal payment!

THANK YOU for understanding and If you have any questings please call us at the shop 818-769-4049

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$100 Dollar Deposit
$300 Dollar Deposit