Tattoo Body Piercing Consultation for Film and TV

Tattoo Body Piercing Consultation for Film and TV

Tattoo and body Piercing Consultation for Film and TV

Temporary tattoo design for Film and TV . Studio City Tattoo.

Tattoo Body Piercing Consultation.When Hollywood calls we deliver! We provide professional tattoo and body piercing consultation along with designing tattoos for actors on the silver screen and TV.

Over the years, Studio City Tattoo has been featured on many reality shows, TV shows, and feature films. We have worked with many prop masters and production crews, helping accurately recreate the tattooing and body piercing processes on film.

We craft camera-ready tattoo designs and turn them into temporary tattoos.  This allows for a streamlining of the tattoo application process on set for films like Will Ferrell’s Land of the Lost.

We design removable tattoos to give actors believability on film. Check out Danny Mcbride’s tattoo.  Looks real, huh?

Do your actors need coaching to give an accurate portrayal of tattooists or body piercers?


Temporary tattoos designed to look good on camera.

Check out Danny Mcbride’s tattoo, looks real huh? 🙂

Do you need temporary tattoos that are realistic and HD-ready ?

We arrive on set and make sure everything is legitimate, believable, and done correctly, according to Los Angeles Health Department codes, while working with the look you are going for.

We will show your actors how to hold and use genuine equipment to look like the real deal on screen. We can work with your propmaster or provide the essentials for the shoot. The devil is in the details.

tattoo props

We design removable tattoos to give actors believability on TV and in film. We take your specific request and turn it into a camera-friendly tattoo design. We then provide a temporary tattoo to allow us (or your makeup artist,) consistency and continuity in the many reapplications required to apply the tattoo to an actor over and over again. With our expertise, these tattoos look real even under close scrutiny.

If you’re looking to deal with professionals who understand working with film crews, then look no further. We’re nice people, too.

For further information, call Clay.  He will provide a detailed explanation of the process and further information on how we can help structure reasonable costs on consultation and temporary tattoo services for your next film or TV show.

MOM TV show


        Professional film services we provide:

Tattoo and body piercing shop set consulting

Non-permanent  tattoo application for film and TV

Tattoo and body piercing consultation for film and TV

Temporary Tattoo Design for Film and TV


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