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Our tattoo and body piercing shop is always changing.
There’s always something new to look at when you come back again.
We add new props all the time and are constantly adding new body jewelry.

Got questions?

Call us 818-769-4049

What styles of tattooing do you offer ?
We offer traditional Americana, Japanese, Geometric dot-work, Old School, New Skool

What about body piercing?
We offer FULL body piercing and have some of the best piercers in the business working with us. LOS ANGELES BODY PIERCING

What should you expect when entering Studio City Tattoo and body piercing? A friendly shop full of eye candy, the finest jewelry, skilled tattoo artists, expert body piercers and to be treated well.

What type of things will I find besides tattoos and body piercings? Who knows ? We are always adding new unique treasures. They have to be unique and well made

Call (818) 769-4049 for further information.

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What is the quality of things you carry?
Like the highest quality ink and equipment we use, we only carry the best jeweler made body jewelry available. We make it a habit of only selling craftsmen made and hard to find original items.

How does it work if I want a tattoo? Step up to the counter with your artwork or idea. We will take a look at it and then put you with the best artist for the job. If we can do it right away you are more than happy to make you an appointment. Call us with any questions.

How does it work if I want a piercing?
Ask to speak with one of our body piercers, they will answer your questions and show you the best jewelry options for you to choose from.

Although we do get busy we try our best to give each customer our attention and to help you make the best choices for your new body modification. Thank you for taking our Studio City Tattoo tour.

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