Shop Logo Pirate Skull Ring By Skinny Dog Design Group.

Working Pirates Jolly Roger Skull Ring From Studio City Tattoo And Skinny Dog Design Group

We wanted a ring that was a full of detail and represented our shop. Our friends at Skinny Dog Design group designed our first shop ring 15 years ago. That ring for shop crew only. Over the years we have had so many friends and customers want the ring that if finally dawned on us we should produce a ring for those who want to support the shop and show off their inner pirate.  

We arrrrr happy to present to you our newest Jolly Roger Skull Ring from Skinny Dog Design group. 

There are three versions

SCT Jolly Roger vs Kraken 325.00 includes shipping

Ships Gunners Ring 199.00 6.00 shipping

Ring of the Marque  wax seal ring 199.00 6.00 shipping