Pirate Tattooist

             Meet Our Resident Pirate Tattooist!

Captain Dave Pirate

We love Cap’n Davey and here’s one of the reasons why. Cap’n Dave is a pirate tattooist with a heart of gold. The Captain is known for more than his fine olde world tattooing, he’s known as the charitable pirate tattooer! In his free time he does charity work with kids. Slashed into his busy scheduled with his cutlass, Captain Dave can be seen a few times a year wearing that cutlass and doing spray on tattoos for the kids at charity events. You will see the Cap’n at CBS Radford Studios every 4th of July putting temporary pirate tattoos on the wee ones and raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation or other children’s charities.

Cap'n Dave the Pirate TattooerChildren's Tumor Foundation Cap'n Dave Studio City Tattoo

Cap’n Davy  

Ahoy from the Cap’n!

I have been tattooing well over two decades now. In some circles I am known as, “The Pirate Tattooer!”My home port is Studio City Tattoo in sunny, Studio City, California. Over my journey’s I have been able to develop a few different styles of tattooing. Some of my favorites are Japanese and American traditional.

I grew up in southern California. As a kid I was very into skateboarding, art, music and pirates. I also was always sneaking into tattoo shops with my buddies, to get a glimpse of someone getting their mark. This was one of the coolest things I have ever laid me young powder monkey eyes on. You could actually draw on someone’s skin and it stayed forever. From that point on I started drawing and painting all the time. I basically picked the brains of every tattooist I came in contact with until; I could get me scurvy foot in the door so to speak.

Pirate's Ruin Studio City TattooDragon by Cap'n Dave Studio City Tattoo

After high school, I joined the military. While doing my time in the United States Army, my passion for tattooing grew tenfold. Hanging out in the local tattoo shops around the Kentucky town I was stationed in, I made up my mind. I wanted to tattoo for a living! Within a month of my honorable discharge, I was back in California. Found myself in a small shop in Norwalk, learning to tattoo. Bouncing back and forth between Bert Grimms Tattoo in Long Beach and Norwalk Tattoo I had the pleasure of learning from some of the most knowledgeable people still tattooing today.
Now, working at one of the top shops in Los Angeles County, Studio City Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops I have ever worked with. Where my pirate lifestyle lives on! In my spare time I design and build Cigar Box Guitars. A fun, folksy, blues guitar that is very versatile. if i am not tattooing ,painting or creating a new cigar box guitar, you can usually catch me in pirate garb at a charity or local pirate gathering.

Cigar Box guitars by Capt. Dave Studio City Tattoo

So stop by Studio City Tattoo and get a tattoo or just stop by and say Arrr! Check out one of Studio City Tattoo’s sponsored events like, “Talk like A Pirate Day, “at the shop on September, 19th. Or our celebration @CBS studios Radford for the 4th of July, were you my catch me in all my pirate glory! Huzza!!! Ohh and get a piece of me treasure!

Pirate treasure