Pirate Ring For Studio City Tattoo By Bill Wall Leather

 Studio City Tattoo’s  Pirate Jolly Roger Captain’s Skull Ring By Bill Wall Leather.


Pirate Rings by Bill Wall

Bill Wall is  Hollywood’s, Los Angeles’s and the world’s star jeweler when it comes to high-end, top of the line Outlaw /Rockstar/ Bad Boy jewelry. Bill’s work is sought after and seen on the Big Screen in the likes of Son’s Of Anarchy and more. Bill Wall Leather presents Studio City Tattoo’s own Pirate Ring Jolly Roger Logo Ring into their 2017 line of Jewelry. This is the 2nd time Bill Wall Celebrates a world-class tattoo shop. The first shop Bill honored with their own design ring was The Shamrock Social Club and Mark Mahoney (We’re proud to be associated with SSC )Bill only works with and promotes the best of the best. Bill insists his creations have a function and be comfortable. It’s essential for each piece to express unique personality. Further, each creation must be something Bill himself would enjoy or he simply won’t make it. It’s about as simple and direct as it gets, if Bill thinks something works, it works. Just like his designs, Bill is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Own The Ultimate Pirate Jolly Roger Captain’s Ring! 

Bill Wall Pirate Ring

Bill Wall Leather Pirate Captain Ring

Studio City Tattoo ( The Pirate Tattoo Shop) and Bill Wall Leather have a combined 55 years of doing things their own way. They’ve been pushing the boundaries of cool style and professionalism within their own industries. Both Studio City Tattoo and Bill Wall Leather have become groundbreakers with their unique styles and great customer service. It’s only natural they work so well together as Studio City Tattoo has been an authorized BWL dealer for the past couple of years. We are proud to introduce the Ultimate Pirate Jolly Roger Captain’s Skull Ring.

SCT is super proud and honored to have Bill Wall include us in his legacy and legend by introducing the BWL/SCT Pirate Ring and The SCT Pirate Jolly Roger Captain’s Ring 

There are two versions of the Studio City Tattoo pirate ring, the SCT  Pirate Jolly Roger Captain’s Ring, and the  SCT Pirate Ring

Pirate Ring Bill Wall

The  BWL/SCT Pirate  Jolly Roger Ring comes in 3 versions

Studio City Tattoo Jolly Roger Pirate Ring

1.Sterling Silver Pirate Ring with Bronze SCT Jolly Roger Logo and Sterling Studio City Tattoo Banner Ring Gaurd. 

2. Sterling Silver Pirate Ring with Sterling Silver SCT Jolly Roger Logo and 18kt Gold Overlay and Sterling Silver Banner Ring Gaurd.

3. Sterling Silver Pirate Ring with 18kt SCT Jolly Roger Logo and 18kt gold SCT Banner ring guard

The SCT Pirate Captain Ring

1. Sterling Silver SCT Pirate Captain Ring  with Sterling Silver Crossbones and Studio City Tattoo Banner

2.Sterling Silver SCT Pirate Captain Ring  with 18ky gold skull and Cross Bones and 18kt Studio City Tattoo Banner



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