Pirate Coin

Pirate Coin

It’s a tradition here at Studio City Tattoo “the pirate tattoo shop” to give away a real copper pirate coin piece of eight cob. This pirate coin is worth 5 bucks here at the shop forever! The only problem is we don’t get very many back, because they look better and better with age on you key chain.


A little something extra

PhotoGrid_1432351436441We like having you leave our shop with a great tattoo or body piercing and a little something extra for you to remember us by. When you’re here grab a free sticker and receive a Studio City Tattoo original Piece of Eight Copper Cob Pirate Coin with tattoo or body piercing. It’s good for 5 dollars on you next visit.

pieces of eight pirate coin





Coming this summer!

We just have to remember where we buried the treasure chest and Captain Davey won’t tell us. We’ve got some bribin to do(Oh and he loves cookies in case you want to help us out!) The year on the coin is for 1992 (1892 fer ye pirates) the year SCT was established , just a fun bit of info to pass along.




Get Some Booty!

Oh and if you want one please send 6 bucks and a self addressed envelope to

I want some booty!

Studio City Tattoo

11032 Venture blvd

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