Tattoo & Body Piercing Gift Certificates

Tattoo & Body Piercing Gift Certificates

This holiday season give them a gift certificate for a tattoo from Studio City Tattoo or a piercing with beautiful gold body jewelry from Los Angeles Body Piercing inside SCT. A great gift from a leader in the Los Angeles tattoo community. Studio City Tattoo offers great body modifications and beautiful, high-quality body jewelry from the top jewelry craftsmen in our industry. We carry Body Vision Los Angles (BVLA) Industrial Strength Body Jewelry, Anatometal, Maya, Tawapa, Diablo Organics, Evolve and more!

Give the permanent gift of tattoo or the flash of a new beautiful gold body jewelry for that loved one and get a Studio City Tattoo pirate coin with the gift certificate. Our copper Piece Of Eight Pirate Coin key fob is worth five bucks here in the gift certificates


 Tattoos and Body Piercings

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You can order here, and we will send you the certificate and a free pirate coin worth five bucks to give along with the gift certificate.After paying via PayPal (which instantly gets you credit for certificate )fill in the form for us to send you the certificate and pirate coin or visit us at the shop and we will give it to you there.

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How do I give a tattoo as a gift?

Step 1: Know that the person you want to gift a tattoo to wants one.

Step 2: Talk to them about it! Saying “I know you’ve been talking about getting a tattoo… I’d like to help make that happen” is a relatively easy way to start.

Step 3: Go along for the ride. This part is critical. The choice of design should, of course, be with the person receiving the tattoo. The selection of artist should also be with that person. This is why you don’t buy a gift certificate for a tattoo shop unless you know the person was receiving the gift already has an artist they would be going to. Hang with them for the shopping experience as they look for an artist. Help if you can do so, but remember, it’s their skin and their ink.

Step 4: Once they’ve selected an artist, take a moment to pull the tattooist aside and say “the bill for this is on me.”

You also need to have a conversation about the budget for the piece with the person you’re gifting a tattoo. If you came up to me and said “I want to pay for your next tattoo” and there wasn’t a price associated with that, you might be surprised at how expensive a single tattoo can be (I think my next piece is probably going to run me into the four digits…) While it takes something out of the gift giving, it’s an important conversation to have (unless, of course, money is no object.) Saying “I’m going to buy you a tattoo” is different from saying “I’ve got $X to put towards your next tattoo.” While you may want to do the former, what most people mean is the latter. Hopefully, the tattoo the recipient of your gift wants is under your dollar figure, but if it isn’t then you put the recipient of the gift in an awkward position: Do they compromise on their design ideas to meet your budget, or do they pony up their cash to cover the shortfall? Some people are good with that, other times. The gift feels a bit inconvenient.

The biggest thing in gifting a tattoo is to talk about it. It’s not a good surprise gift. It can be an excellent gift, though, and one the recipient will have for a very long time 🙂

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