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What’s the cost of getting a tattoo?

Here are our price and appointment info. This’s how pricing works, first, call us or stop by the shop with any artwork and ideas you might have. We will then enter your information into our system and require $100 deposit to get things started and a $300 deposit on large tattoo work. The deposit goes to the final cost of your tattoo We get very busy and need to take deposits to grab the spot away from a walk in.

We have a shop minimum of $100 for a small tattoo. Usually, a small tattoo runs between $100-$170.For medium, to larger projects, our hourly rate is $170.00. Although many times we attach a fixed rate to a tattoo. We also offer an exclusive full day rate of $900.00 for larger projects(6-hour shifts) to help you complete that back piece or sleeve tattoo. It brings the hourly down to 129.00 an hour instead of 170.00

We offer a day rate of $900.00 on large tattoos. Click the Ben Frankin to send us money for an appointment down payment or to pay for a tattoo or gift certificate.

Piercing prices :

Piercing Prices vary depending on placement and jewelry choice.

Basic earlobe- 20.00 per piercing plus the cost of jewelry.
Basic cartilage- 20.00 per piercing plus cost of jewelry
The standard body piercing 30.00 plus cost of Jewelry specialty piercing between 35.00 – 55.-00 plus jewelry

We give you a $5 discount for each additional piercing you get at one time.

We have an extensive jewelry selection beginning at 15.00 for basic captive bead rings and going up in price based on size, style, and material.

Cancellations and rescheduling

Please give us 24-hour notice to move appointments. We can, however, reschedule you if you cannot make the cancellation within 24 hours request. All deposits are nonrefundable. Please understand that we are busy and if you book our time we lose money when you cancel. We have been telling people that your time slot is not available and do not have a chance to fill it with last minute cancellations. We take the deposit to show you are serious and save you a spot; we also spend time drawing for our appointment. Thank you

Coming from out of town?

For out of town appointments, we will require the 100.00 deposit for each appointment by PayPal.

Please make PayPal payments to [email protected]

Gift Certificates Available Now

Walk-ins are welcome.

If you walk-in and we have time to do the tattoo we are more than happy to help. If we’re busy, we can talk about your project and make you an appointment. If you are making an appointment from out of town, we can do it by email for you but calling us is always the fastest and best way to make an appointment.

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