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    Rolly Roger Studio City TattooWe proudly present

    We made this page so we could share our talented guest artists that work at Studio City Tattoo.  Studio City Tattoo is also a regular stop for visiting tattoo artists.

     We love getting tattooed by tattoo artists we respect and like. Before we were tattoo artists, we started out being tattooed and collecting tattoos. As collectors ourselves, we like it when our customers get tattooed by other artists in the shop. Many of our clientele get tattooed by all of the artists in the shop. It’s awesome to bring in new talent into the shop from around the country and world to tattoo you and us :)There are many great tattoo artists all over the country and many of them visit SCT when visiting LA.

    We love it when talented artists come to visit and work. It gives us a chance to get tattooed. One of the perks working at a good tattoo shop is having top artists; old friends and family visit us to tattoo here on a regular basis. Having these highly skilled artists come through our shop on a regular basis gives us inspiration and new ideas. It challenges us to continue our artistic endeavors when we see what these great artists are up too. Sharing tattooing styles and techniques is what constantly helps us to get better as tattoo artists.

     If you like what you see, please contact our artists directly to find out when they’ll be visiting us at Studio City Tattoo and Body Piercing Los Angeles California. Thanks for looking and we hope you make it when one of our guest artists are visiting us!

    Thank you

    SCT crew


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