Gold Body Jewelry

Enjoy Gold Body Jewelry

Gold Navel Barbell

Enjoy wearing Gold Body Jewelry from BVLA, Body Vision Los Angeles and Anatometal here at Los Angeles Body Piercing inside Studio City Tattoo!

We only carry the finest quality body jewelry and gold body jewelry here at Los Angeles Body Piercing inside the famous Studio City Tattoo located in Los Angeles County, California.

Los Angeles Body Piercing

Quality Body Jewelry

Los Angeles Body Piercing and Body Jewelry is located inside Studio City Tattoo.  Many of our customers consider it to be another one of LA’s hidden treasures. We carry one of the largest selections of quality gold body jewelry and implantation grade body jewelry available because we take body piercing very seriously.

Gold Body Jewelry

Gold Navel Barbel by BVLA

Our Mission:

At Los Angeles Body Piercing we are committed to the preservation and evolution of this art form by providing our customers with a selection of the most exquisite pieces of body jewelry available; made to medical grade standards; in order to promote healthy, quick healing piercings without sacrificing style and comfort.

Before we do a piercing, we sterilize the jewelry in a machine called a Statim (Statim link). This ensures that your jewelry is 100% sterilized before it enters your body.

We only carry what we would use on our own bodies, so every designer that we purchase our treasures from is celebrated for their artistry, imagination, and innovation. Each jewelry designer brings their own unique style and cachet to these fine collections of body jewelry that are in many cases considered to be “wearable art.” We even carry large gauge P A Prince Albert jewelry and everything in between, like a large selection of Septum jewelry.

Gold Barbells, gold navel jewelry, gold nostril jewelry, gold nipple jewelry, gold belly button jewelry, gold earrings, gold and diamonds.

We carry a large selection of beautiful quality body jewelry and it changes all the time. Please stop in to take a look.


Call us 818-769-4049



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