Finding a Tattoo Apprenticeship

Finding a Tattoo Apprenticeship


  1. Find a REPUTABLE tattoo shop
  2. Get lots of Tattoos from REPUTABLE tattoo shop and let them get to know you.
  3. Show them your artwork let them know your desire to become a tattoo artist after receiving lots of tattoos from shop. Then ask for if they need help cleaning the shop or running front counter. . Expect to work a full time job for free for the next two years.
  4. If it is meant to be and the moons are aligned you will get the opportunity! Build a relationship with shop and artists. You will be learning from every one there and carry the reputation of the shop with you when you go.

What not to do!

Do not call Tattoo shop and ask for apprenticeship over the phone. Get you happy @$$ into the shop and get tattooed after Following Step Number  1


Good Luck

SCT Crew