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Custom Gold Jewelry


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Studio City Tattoo has a huge announcement to make. We have recently partnered with the talented Bill Wall Leather Jewelry, bringing his wildly sought after custom jewelry to our Studio City Tattoo Shop. Bill Wall’s infamous and custom gold jewelry, bracelets and custom dog tags are internationally known for their stand-out design. All of his pieces are one-of-a-kind works of wearable art. Studio City Tattoo couldn’t be more proud to be an authorized seller of Bill Wall custom gold jewelry.  

Custom Gold Jewelry


They just don’t make custom biker jewelry like this anymore. Very few things demand as much respect and attention as Bill Wall’s custom gold jewelry does. These fully customized pieces of wearable art are handcrafted from start to finish, using only the very finest metals and precious stones. Each jewel is laid in by hand, each groove is hammered in by Bill Wall himself. There aren’t many jewelry lines that still commit to this attention to detail and traditional craftsmanship. 

Studio City Tattoo will also be glad to work with you to help you design your very own custom dog tag if you so desire. Custom gold jewelry handcrafted and autographed by Bill himself. All of Bill Wall’s designs are either limited editions or one of a kind pieces.

Celebrities, rock stars, women and men alike, travel from all over the world to get their hands on custom Bill Wall jewelry. If you know Studio City Tattoo, then you know of their reputation for high-quality workmanship that comes out of our Pirate themed tattoo shop. You can expect nothing but the best products from us. Teaming up with the famed Bill Wall only seemed natural, as we want to deliver only the very best custom dog tags and pirate jewelry to our loyal customers. Studio City Tattoo is now one of the only showrooms where you can purchase your very own premium Bill Wall custom gold jewelry.

Limited Edition Custom Gold Jewelry

Studio City Tattoo and Bill Wall are also collaborating on a specially designed ring that will include the Studio City Tattoo Logo and Bill Wall Leather Artistic design. It will be a Limited Edition piece of jewelry that, without a doubt, will be outstanding. Each Bill Wall skull ring is handmade from the finest materials. Each piece is handcrafted and assembled with skill, with each having slight variations from one another. All precious stones are set by hand the old school way, the way it should be done. 

Everyone at Studio City Tattoo is thrilled to have Bill Wall Leather feature his custom dog tags at our shop. Not only because we believe in his artistry, but because we all wear his custom pieces ourselves. We are lucky to have a few of Bill’s personal items that he has worn as well. They’re signed, on display and for sale!

BWL makes beautifully crafted custom biker rings that are made from the finest materials on earth. Stop in to see our excellent collection of BWL custom biker jewelry and let us show you the full line of jewelry in our unique leather-bound catalog. We can get what you want within a week. Not only can you pick something beautiful but we can get it custom made to your exact specifications. If you stop in and purchase one of these treasures, we can send it to Master jeweler Bill Wall and have it engraved for you to customize your beautiful new acquisition.

Stay tuned for something very special on the horizon. 

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About Bill Wall Custom Gold Jewelry

Gold Biker Jewelry


The BWL brand took shape in 1985 after a young Bill Wall had a motorcycle accident and decided to craft some protective leather gear for protection from the terrain. A 20 year old Bill Wall took to an industrial sewing machine to render a riding outfit from a few scraps of leather to help protect him on future rides. Feeling as if he had found his creative stride, he began to get into custom jewelry, which became a huge success.

Using only sterling silver and materials selected with the utmost care, the Bill Wall Leather brand boasts a craftsman’s spirit. Always created in limited numbers, Bill carves original models directly out of silver blocks and then replicates them through careful casting, always in limited numbers.

For those that seek the very finest in skull jewelry, pirate jewelry and just all around rock-solid custom dog tags, gold rings and bracelets, Bill Wall crafts the best of the best custom jewelry. 

Bill Wall is known the world over for his handcrafted custom gold jewelry, skull rings, bracelets and pendants. All of the jewelry he creates are bold pieces of art that are nothing short of incredible. Studio City Tattoo is truly honored to house such amazing pieces of wearable art. 

Growing up in a creative environment, surrounded by surfers, celebrities, and 1-percenters, Bill’s do-it-yourself approach has always shown through in his work. As the Bill Wall Leather brand achieved widespread fame, nothing has changed. This sensibility resonates with every customer and is evident in every piece of his art. You need his unique statement in your life, and we hope you enjoy visiting Bill’s on-line store.

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Bill’s appreciation for simple, elegant design, a crystal-clear sense of what’s cool and his insistence upon working with only the finest quality materials. Every Bill Wall Leather creation is a personal statement that comes through careful choices in materials, form, and function to yield a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art that expresses your attitude and lifestyle. Movie stars, rock stars and outlaw bikers. Movie sets- mug shots and red carpets. Bill Wall’s artwork, in leather and jewelry, has adorned the famous and infamous since 1985.

 So, what are you waiting for? Come on in and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Trust us, you will be floored at the craftsmanship and beauty of these pieces of art that you can wear out, and show off.

Custom Gold Jewelry

Contact us if interested in anything in our collection or you want custom additions to your BWL jewelry collectionm- 818-769-4049 11032 Ventura Blvd. Studio City,California 91604

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