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Coming in from out of town?

We love our out of town tattoo customers
We get a lot of out of town customers flying to Los Angeles to get tattooed by us from all over the globe (many from Australia). We appreciate our out of town guests, especially when we see them year after year. It’s a fun experience to hear from them about where they live and how things are going in other parts of the world.

We always recommend the Garland hotel to friends and family. We highly recommend when coming in from out of town that you stay at The Garland Hotel formerly the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn. Make sure to visit the pool at night!. The hotel is within walking distance of Studio City Tattoo. It’s a beautiful place to stay in a safe neighborhood. The Garland is the hotel we have our friends and relatives stay at when they are in town.

The time has only improved this historic resort in the heart of LA. In 1970, legendary Hollywood actress Beverly Garland, and her husband Fillmore Crank discovered this bucolic seven-acre property and knew they wanted to create a hideaway for friends, family, and guests. Together with Las Vegas hotel impresario, John Kell Houssels Jr., they decided to build a Hollywood hotel that was an oasis within the high-energy excitement of Los Angeles. In 2000, the Beverly Garland Hotel was handed down to their son James, whose unpretentious, a sophisticated style influenced the expansion of the hotel into an actual resort. Chic, relaxed and centrally located, guests here are close to the Hollywood landmarks, famous attractions, and world-renowned business epicenters, all while being ensconced within the urban paradise the Garland family created. Today, The Garland has been reimagined and renovated with a hip new restaurant, cool décor, manicured outdoor parks and fresh ideas. Check in and check it out.

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