Japanese Tattoos

Japanese Tattoo Art Traditionally, Japanese tattoos were once widely accepted as symbols of both social and spiritual status. Though, by the time World War II has passed, the Emperor of Japan quickly outlawed them in order to improve the country’s appearance. There’s no denying the appeal of the artistic Japanese style with its beautiful floral …

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Harley Davidson Tattoo

Harley Davidson Tattoo Whether it’s Harley Davidson, Bill Wall Leather or Studio City Tattoo, these companies are known for providing the best quality and service in their respected industries. You take pride in your ride and the jewelry you wear. We take the same pride in our workmanship and service in providing you a tattoo …

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Busy Philipps Gets First Tattoo @ Studio City Tattoo

Busy Philipps Gets First Tattoo – But What Does It Mean? DAVE QUINN  From July 11, 2018, 11:23 AM Everyone’s favorite Instagram Stories star Busy Philipps crossed something off her bucket list on Tuesday. The 39-year-old actress and mother of two got her first tattoo, documenting the entire process on Instagram (natch). “I’m not actually nervous,” …

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Visiting from Asia

Visiting From Asia? Come drop by our tattoo & body piercing shop. 来自中国 来我们的纹身和身体穿孔商店下降 ロサンゼルスの タトゥー 在洛杉磯最好的紋身店 Best Tattoo & Body Piercing Shop 最高のタトゥー&ボディピアスショップ One of Los Angeles’ Best Tattoo & Body Piercing Shops ロサンゼルスの1つの最高のタトゥー&ボディピアスショップ

Are you Zombie Rated ?

We built this Jeep for the Zombie apocalypses and 4×4 fun. Check out our website for the Jeep Are you a Zombie Jeep enthusiast? Do you like the idea of fending off the recently deceased who’ve come back to life to eat your flesh? How about having to survive against the undead using your beloved …

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