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Burbank Body Piercing

Our Burbank Body Piercing Parlor 
is located in Studio City Tattoo and proud to be one LA County’s #1 piercing shops. We strive to do our best! Personal character, creativity, and skill are required when considering who works with us here at our convenient Burbank Body Piercing studio. Our body piercing shop is located conveniently close to Burbank and well-worth the trip. Our online reputation & reviews speak for themselves.
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We care about what we do and you’re very important to us so we only carry the highest quality body jewelry available, whether it’s 14k gold or exotic body jewelry, we have it all! We are located in Studio City convenient to all of Burbank & Los Angeles.

Body Piercing Procedures

Our piercing needles are new, sterile and one-time use. We use only the highest quality autoclaves for sterilizing all equipment and jewelry at our Burbank Body Piercing Shop before ever touching your skin. Every procedure, every single time! Everything that touches your skin has been run through a special Statim autoclave, providing you with a time and date stamped print of the sterilization cycle. We always go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and feeling of security.

Burbank Body Piercing Shop

Los Angele Body Piercing inside Studio City Tattoo

We offer:

  • Anti-tragus piercing
  • Auricle Piercing
  • Conch Piercing
  • Daith Piercing
  • Industrial Piercing
  • Orbital Piercing
  • Lobe Piercing
  • Pinna Piercing
  • Rook Piercing
  • Scaffold Piercing
  • Snug Piercing
  • Tragus Piercing
  • Transverse Lobe Piercing
  • Vertical Tragus Piercing
  • Weaving Piercing
  • Cheek Piercing
  • Lip Piercing
  • Fraenum Piercing
  • Madonna Piercing
  • Medusa Piercing
  • Tongue Piercing
  • Labret Piercing
  • Ankle Piercing
  • Brooch Piercing
  • Earl Piercing
  • Eyebrow Piercing
  • Nape Piercing
  • Neck Piercing
  • Third Eye Piercing
  • Webbing
  • Clit Piercing
  • Hood Piercing
  • Labia Piercing
  • Apadravya Piercing
  • Dydoe Piercing
  • Kuno Piercing
  • Lorum Piercing
  • Prince Albert Piercing
  • Palang Piercing
  • Pubic Piercing
  • Hafada Piercing
  • Nose Piercing
  • Septum Piercing
  • Nipple Piercing

A Brief History of Burbank

Burbank is located in Southern California, in beautiful Los Angeles County, United States, 12 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The population as of the 2010 census was 103,340.

Billed as the “Media Capital of the World” and located only a few miles from Hollywood and Studio City, numerous media and entertainment companies are headquartered in Burbank, including The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, NBC and Insomniac Games.

Burbank is located in two very different areas. Downtown Burbank is a flourishing metropolitan oasis snug in the foothills that rise to the Verdugo Mountains. The other part of Burbank is completely flat and at the eastern end of the San Fernando Valley.

At one time, it was always referred to as “Beautiful Downtown Burbank” such as on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The city was named after David Burbank, an entrepeneur, who, after selling off small parcels, sold all his holdings in 1886 to Los Angeles land speculators who formed the Providencia Land, Water & Development Company. The new owners called the town Burbank and opened the tract for sale on May 8, 1887.

Professional Piercings add an element of intrigue and have been embraced by the mainstream. From celebrities to doctors, piercings are now acceptable in all walks of life.

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We are located only 5 miles from Burbank! Make the drive for the best in L.A.! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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