Authorized BWL Dealer

Studio City Tattoo Is Proud To Be An Authorized Bill Wall Leather Jewelry Dealer. BWL Guaranteed To The Grave!

Chloe Grace Moretz, Bill Wall Leather, Ring, Studio City Tattoo

Chloe Grace Moretz Knows Kick Ass Jewelry with her Bill Wall Leather Mini Good Luck Skull Ring here at Studio City Tattoo and Body Piercing. Bill will be customizing Chloe’s new BWL skull ring with ruby eyes

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 In Cahoots

Hello to all of our friends and family out there. We  have an announcement of epic proportion. If you know Studio City Tattoo then you know of our reputation for high-quality workmanship that comes out of our Pirate themed tattoo and body piercing shop. We are humbled and honored to announce that we are an authorized bill Wall Leather jewelry dealer, Bill Wall Leathers Artisan Jewelry, out of Malibu. We are just one, of the very few “Authorized Dealerships” where you can come inside and purchase your very own premium piece of Bill Wall Jewelry. We will also be glad to work with you, to help you design your very own custom piece if you so desire. Custom pieces are handcrafted and autographed, by Bill himself. All of Bill Wall’s designs are either limited editions or one of a kind piece. His jewelry is worn from connoisseurs to rock stars, men, women, and people who travel the world over, just to be able to come and have their very own creation. His craftsmanship praised worldwide. Bill Wall uses the highest quality metals and gemstones to create his works of art.

Bill Wall Leather Evil Dragon Bracelet

Studio City Tattoo and Bill Wall are also collaborating on a specially designed ring that will include the Studio City Tattoo Logo and Bill Wall’sArtistic design. It will be a Limited Edition, and I have no doubts it will be stunning.

So, what are you waiting for, come on in and see for yourself what all the celebration is about?  Trust me; you will be impressed at the craftsmanship and beauty of these pieces of art that you can wear out, and show off.

Authorized Dealer Bill Wall Leather Jewelry Studio City Tattoo


24 Years Of Tattooing.

Studio City Tattoo has been tattooing Movie Stars, Rockstars, professionals, and roughnecks for almost 25 years. In that time, we have strived to push the boundaries of the tattoo & body piercing industry with medical sterilization procedures and old fashion good service.Times have changed from the olds days of tattooing, and people expect a quality product and excellent service now.

Super Custom Graffiti Ring


What does that mean?

Well, we have worked hard to present our Ye Olde Tattoo Shop  Pirate Shop image, while doing our best to raise the bar on the quality of tattooing and body piercing, setting the standard for excellent service in a tattoo shop. Today we have a large variety of clientele who come to us from all over the country and outside of it for quality and excellent service.

Hollywood tattoo shop

During the last 25 years, we have set the standard in clean technique sterilization providing a clean, safe tattoo. Setting standards that the LA Health Department adopted in rules and regulations. We are one of the first tattoo shops to go completely 100% disposable with tubes and needles. Everything that touches your skin is sterile and 100% disposable for a 100% safe tattoo or body piercing.

Authorized Bill Wall Leather Dealer


We have only carried the finest body jewelry by the top craftsmen; there is no cheap production jewelry from China in our shop. Everything we sell is crafted made in the USA by skilled jewelers With such high standards, we assure a beautiful piece of jewelry, and a well-heeled body piercing. By having these high standards we raise the bar again!

Graffiti Master Twins Bill Wall Leather Skull Ring

We are so very proud to be part of the Bill Wall Leather family!

Because of the hard work and high standard in our industry, we have been chosen by the leader of an industry and master artisan Bill Wall to carry his line of Jewelry and custom jewelry, BWL- Bill Wall Leather. We’re an authorized Bill Wall Leather Jewelry Dealer! We love and wear the jewelry ourselves. You have to see and feel this jewelry in person; there is nothing like it.


About Bill Wall Leather





Movie stars, rock stars and outlaw bikers. Movie sets mug shots and red carpets. Bill Wall’s artwork, in leather and jewelry, has adorned the famous and infamous since 1985, 30 years of BWL.


The common thread? Bill’s appreciation for simple, elegant design, a crystal-clear sense of what’s cool and his insistence upon working with only the finest quality materials. Every Bill Wall creation is a personal statement that comes through careful choices in materials, form and function to yield a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art to express your attitude and lifestyle.

The BWL brand was established in 1985 in Malibu when a 20-year young Bill learned that leather apparel could be useful when crashing a motorcycle. Surfing, fishing and working on cars, surrounded by mountains and a view of the Pacific always present, after his accident Bill used an industrial sewing machine to render a few scraps of leather into an outstanding outfit to protect himself on future rides.

Feeling a need to impress the girls, young Bill next got into making jewelry, what better reason? Using only sterling silver and materials selected with the utmost care the Bill Wall brand boasts a craftsman’s spirit. Bill carves original models for each piece directly out of silver blocks and then replicates them through careful casting, always in limited numbers. His precise craftsmanship is acclaimed worldwide by customers who appreciate the best in all walks of life.

Growing up in a creative environment, surrounded by surfers, celebrities, and 1-percenters, Bill’s do-it-yourself approach has always shown through in his work. As the Bill Wall Leather brand achieved widespread fame, nothing has changed. This sensibility resonates with every customer and is evident in every piece of his art. You need his unique statement in your life.

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