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Eli Rusakov hails from the Motherland and planted his roots in the DIY and bike scenes of Los Angeles. With an extensive and colorful background including fine art training, special effects painting, and set design, Eli has been able to hone in on his originality, adaptability, and personal style. This is demonstrated by his illustrative brand of realism and his love of cartoons. As Eli works within a broad spectrum of color palettes, he can deliver saturated tones and timeless black and grey pieces alike. He enjoys doing large-scale projects, small pinners(small tattoos), and everything in between!

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Tattoo Artist Eli Rusakov

Client Testimonials for Eli

First tattoo and was very nervous..Eli is just so amazing!! He not only created exactly what I wanted, but somehow did it where it didn't even hurt! (How is that possible? I figure he has magical powers!). This guy is extremely talented, very kind and personable!! Thank you again!!

Amy K., Glendale, California

Exceptional tattoo parlor with countless incredibly skilled artist... Of various styles. Got a tattoo that I had wanted for over 15 years done here for an incredibly reasonable price... Truly knowledgeable staff, very hygienic, wide variety of artists and different styles of work, as well as a pretty vast variety of other types of body modification artists, including scarification and unique piercings, branding, Etc. Every artist I've spoken to is truly Desiring to make sure that your piece or whatever it is you want done is the Masterpiece that you desire to be. And will work with you to ensure that it's so. Incredible work, from a very awesome and well-renowned parlor. Highly recommended.

Bleu Boyer

Awesome place to get a tattoo. Eli gave me my first tattoo, and although I know i was a complicated customer he was really patient and made sure that I was satisfied with what I wanted on my body. My first tattoo was not painful at all, it actually tickled and Eli and I were laughing during some parts in the session. I recommend Eli, because he is so humble, his work is clean, and he has really light hands. I rate this tattoo shop a 5 star because the decor is interesting and the atmosphere of the workers are welcoming. I hope to come back if I ever want to get another tattoo again. Thanks again Eli !

Quianna Danielle P., San Diego

My wife and I came in spontaneously and Eli was so friendly as he really made this spur of the moment for us special. Eli helped us finalize the design and was just outgoing the entire time we were there. We didn't have to wait long as another artist Saul did my tattoo. Saul was also professional, skilled, and really ensured the placement of my tattoo was where I wanted it to be.

Thank you to both Eli and Saul for their hospitality and commitment to detail as the matching tattoos they did for us came out perfect! If the shop is giving "The Goonies" meets "Pirates of the Caribbean" vibes, then you know you're in good hands.

Kevin , San Fernando Valley

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