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Jim Down - Tattoo Artist

Jim came to Los Angeles 13 years ago from Manchester, England. From a young age, Jim’s dedication to the arts was clear. As a child, he was always holding either a pencil, a guitar, or a record. These days he holds a tattoo machine, channeling his love of art into the skin of his clientele. Jim’s preference is for color or black & grey realism, although he doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed, enjoying the challenge of turning his hand to any style of art that comes his way. This eclectic artistic interest extends to every aspect of his life, so expect to be kept entertained with his encyclopedic knowledge of music and movies.

Jim actually began his career here at Studio City Tattoo many years ago as an apprentice, and after several years traveling and absorbing different artistic styles, he was invited back and has been here ever since. Jim considers Studio City Tattoo his home, and that is evident from the care he puts into his work, as well as the personal connections he makes with his clients.

Images below are Jim's latest work

Above images are Jim's latest work/

jim down tattoo artist LA

Tattoo Artist Jim Down

Latest Google Review

The shop is very clean, staff there is very friendly and the overall vibe is great. I got my dog's portrait done by Jim, who has a very light touch. Won't be getting inked by anyone other than Jim from now on. Thanks Jim.

John Chavez



Client Testimonials

Just got another tattoo last night from the great Jim Down at Studio City Tattoo. I love this place! It's a welcoming space with good energy and people who are incredibly helpful and really put you at ease. This is the third tattoo Jim has done for me over the last two years and he never, ever, disappoints. He is a consummate professional who always exceeds my expectations and we have such fun conversations, every single time. He is a bonafide rock star. The only tattoo artist for me. I'll never stray!

Lolita F., Los Angeles

Studio City tattoo is amazing. What an amazing shop! From the start it was a lovely experience- from the moment I found my artist Jim Down (jimdowntattoos on instagram) on instagram- to communicating with him about what I wanted- going in for a consultation- which- when I met him I knew he was the guy, he was wearing a cat tee-shirt and my tattoo is a cat mandala- he is also the NICEST. I got my appointment set up by the sweetest girl and boom- I was on my way.
When I got to the shop on the night of my tattoo, Jim showed me what he had drawn up for me, I was blown away. My husband did the initial design, but Jim took it to the next level, it was beyond anything I even knew I wanted. He got to tattoo'ing- I was imaging much more pain than there actually was, he has a light touch which is appreciated.

As soon as he started in on the colors, that's when the real magic happened. Watching him shade and blend all of the beautiful blues and other colors he chose was like watching a brilliant artist paint.  I couldn't believe how beautifully it turned out, just look for yourself in the photos. Not only was it a wonderful experience, talking to Jim while he tattoo'd, listening to the funny banter between the artists in the shop, but the tattoo I had on my arm was the most gorgeous piece of art I have ever seen, and I get to wear it on my arm always.  I get stopped on the street by people to look at it. The best part is, my mom loved it so much that she came all the way out from Connecticut to get a matching tattoo to mine!!! How special is that. She LOVED Jim, and the shop and especially her tattoo. He was so gentle and lovely with her, it was so fun to experience. While she was getting her tattoo, I got another one with Jose Mendez (jamink5 on instagram) who is fantastic - I LOVE the work he did and the conversation we had! I just love this shop. I'm going back very soon for another piece with Jim, a wolf design, I can't wait. Thank you for making my tattoo dreams come true and beyond anything I could ever imagine. Happy Happy customer here.

Marcy B., Los Angeles

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