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Studio City Tattoo/Los Angeles body Piering is a second home to piercer Helena Wilson. A Los Angeles native through and through, Helena completed her apprenticeship at Studio City Tattoo and is currently approaching her fifth year of piercing. In a predominately male industry, Helena is one female piercer who has sincerely made a name for herself and her craft. Equal parts skillful and caring, she provides clients with both stunning professionalism and a comforting sense of humor. Some of Helena’s favorite piercings to do include conch piercings and double or triple ear piercings. She also enjoys embarking on ear projects where she can thoroughly collaborate with her clients to achieve a uniquely gorgeous end result. Patrons leave Helena's care more confident, contented, and informed - a true testament to her talent and hard work.

("Helena was born to be a body piercer, here eye for symmetry skilled determination is astounding. She has been coming to SCT since she was a little girl and is family! She is a real professional and I am proud to have her on our crew! "Clay SCT)



Client Testimonials

Recently went in and got a conch piercing by Helena and she was absolutely amazing! She made sure everything was perfect with placement and made the piercing a Breeze. The shop isn't overpriced and they definitely provide a friendly atmosphere.

Sarah R,, Chula Vista

Quality jewelry and not over priced. I'm very happy with my jewelry. I can't wait to go back. Helena was awesome, I'm looking forward to decking out my ears with her.

Carlee C., Downtown LA

Called at 10:30 at night and was so THANKFUL to meet Helena. I had thought my piercing was lost inside of my ear and she told me to come by. She checked me out and assured me it wasn't lodged in my ear. It was a moment of panic but I was so happy to come across Studio City tattoo. The place was so clean and everyone was so kind. If I decide to get any tattoos or piercings I will be sure to come here and will recommend to my friends.

Tara C., Santa Monica

This place is perfect for walk-ins. Everyone is extremely nice and welcoming! The piercer was very informative and offers great advice that makes you feel confident in your own jewelry choices. She knew what size jewelry would look good. The piercing itself was effortless. I got a nostril piercing and she made it not hurt one bit. The process was quick. She even had 4 people ahead of me on a Saturday night and I was in and out of the store in 30 minutes. The place is also very clean.

Pricing is fair for the piercing itself. The jewelry picked makes the difference. They do offer gold and genuine diamonds for around $200 a piece.

Update: I went back in to tighten my piece and she was very helpful about care techniques again.Overall, amazing experiences

Michelle, Cerritos, California

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