Pedro Lopes


Pedro Lopes - Tattoo Artist

My name is Pedro Lopes I have been tattooing for ten years now. My specialty is realism in black and gray or color. I started making realistic drawings at the age of 13. At the young age of 14 my friend made a homemade machine and I created my first tattoo. At first, my Dad was totally against me learning to tattoo. I continued my studies and when I turned 20, I started tattooing and looking for techniques. All I learned about tattooing was on my own. I'm still studying to get better at it, this is one of the reasons I chose Studio City Tattoo here in Los Angeles. I am excited to work at such a renowned shop with its 30 years of being one of Hollywood's top shops!

To book Pedro Lopes for a tattoo session,

please call the shop at 818-769-4049






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