Pedro Lopes


Pedro Lopes – Tattoo Artist

My name is Pedro Lopes I have been tattooing ten years now. My specialty is realism in black and gray or color. I started making realistic drawings at the age of 13. At the young age of 14 my friend made a homemade machine and I created my first tattoo. At first my Dad was totally against me learning tattooing. I continued my studies and when I turned 20, I started tattooing and looking for techniques. All I learned about tattoing was on my own. I’m still studying to get better at it. I follow the work of two tattoo artists who influenced me to do realism in color. Her name is AD Pancho from Holland and Vasilli Suvorov from Russia.

To book Pedro Lopes for a tattoo session,

please call the shop at 818-769-4049






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