Becky G.

Becky G. - Tattoo Artist

Becky G. is a tattooer and artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised in the LA area, Becky studied Fine Arts: Oil Painting at Otis College of Art and Design. Becky’s art can be described as surreal, with elements of the organic. Her work has always referenced tattooing, with high contrast, bold lines, incredible flow and bright colors.

In 2014, Becky completed her tattoo apprenticeship in Philadelphia and has been tattooing for 4 years. She specializes in stylized black and grey, floral work, neo-traditional, and traditional styles of tattooing. Her skills are quite versatile and she enjoys mixing different styles to create fun, custom tattoos for her clients. Becky also excels at small cover-ups!

Client Testimonials :

Becky did an amazing job on my coverup tattoo! I previously had a tribal tattoo on my shoulder (and a scar underneath the tribal) and I had Becky do a coverup with black & grey roses with leaves and I love the way it turned out. You wouldn't even be able to tell I had a tribal tattoo/scar there originally. I definitely recommend her for tattoos & coverup tattoos. She's really nice too! Parking is free in the plaza next to the shop.

Argin S., Glendale, CA

Becky was awesome - very patient, accommodating, reassuring, and would definitely love to return with a thought-out design. Showed her the picture of what I wanted, she worked on a quick sketch for sizing, details, coloring. It's a small paper airplane based off the Pixar short Paperman, and she was very honest about the difficulty of incorporating the details on such a small plane and offered suggestions such as shading, which I hadn't considered. I appreciated her candor and guidance. It's only my second tattoo after a small one on my finger so I just wanted to gauge the pain level of having it on my inner bicep. After I asked her that, she was very encouraging once she started, with occasional reassurances that I was doing okay.

The tattoo itself came out AMAZING. Simple & small, but I fell so hard in love with it. It brings a bubble of joy whenever I glance at it - exactly what I wanted. The healing process was also amazing with the Tegaderm that was used - completely no-fuss even with a trip to Disneyland and the sweating from running in-between rides. Price tag may seem high to some - but remember that you're paying for QUALITY from skilled artists - it is well worth every penny. Can't go wrong with SCT!

Jenny L., Kaneohe, Hawaii

I got the full day session with becky g and had to wait over a month for my appointment but it with every penny and we'll worth the wait, she is the best and she is such a sweet heart! I love the way my tattoos turned out and I will be definitely be coming back for more ! Very professional and reasonably priced shop!

Cindy L, Los Alamitos


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