Why come to Studio City Tattoo for all your tattoo work & body piercing ?

Welcome aboard to see for yourself one of the best tattoo and piercing shops on the map – Studio City Tattoo!

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We aim to earn your trust and give you the finest workmanship available from our crew of talented artists.

Studio City Tattoo is a modern facility using state of the art sterilization procedures and autoclaves to ensure the safest methods. All artists are Cal- O.S.H.A certified annually in the latest blood-borne pathogen standards for handing equipment and anti-cross contamination techniques.

At Studio City Tattoo our crew of tattoo artists and body piercers are skilled craftsmen. They take pride in translating whatever you have in your imagination into a tattoo or piercing that reflects your personality and sense of style. Our responsibility is to provide our customers with the very best tattooing and piercing experience possible. All crew is CAL O.S.H.A Bloodborne Pathogens certified and licensed by the Los Angeles Health Dept.

We have a high standard of excellence here at Studio City Tattoo. Our artists come to us from all over the country with their own individual styles. They are handpicked for their excellence in artistry, ethics, and professionalism. We know that if we can gain your trust, you will come back time and time again. We constantly invest in our skills, knowledge, and equipment in order to give you a superior tattoo or piercing. We make sure all of our tattoos look good because we take pride in our work. That’s why we give free touch ups if needed for the first 6 months. Please read your care sheet on how to heal your tattoo carefully and you won’t have any problems.

With regards to concept design, keep in mind that not all good concepts make great tattoos. Our expert staff will help you translate an idea into the tattoo of your dreams. You can trust us to make the right calls to ensure the design you choose looks great. There’s a method to our madness and we always have your best interest in mind. If you don’t look good then we don’t look good. We’re always going to give you the best advice available, even if that means not tattooing you. Sometimes the choice might be laser over cover up tattooing..

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