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Chris Winn - Tattoo Artist

Well, my name is Chris Winn and I am a tattooer. There are many ways to define me. Father, Significant other, Brother, Musician or just a man trying to be the best he can!That is my goal these days to be the best I can. I started getting tattooed summer of 1983 at the world renowned Bert Grimms tattoo studio on The Pike in Long Beach, Ca. Little did I know at that time, that those walls would change my life. My first tattoo was a rose and a heart with a banner done by the incredibly talented Dave Gibson. And that’s where this starts. He told me a lot of things that I would later understand but at the moment I was just becoming and falling in love with Tattooing. After many tours and many bands and many sheets of drywall that needed to be hung ,I found my place at the crossroads. You know that place :the place where your life can go in one direction or another.

At the time I was struggling with medical issues , mental stress and just didn’t know where to turn. After a significant injury to my hand. I was no longer able to do construction I need to find a career that I was happy with. At the time, my cousin Mr.Skully was working as a tattoo artist at  Bert Grimms. He was working with the likes of Joel Vegas, Dave Gibson and the man that would soon change my life Rick Walters”PaPa”.So my cousin said to me, you can draw pretty good . And I had done a couple of tattoos in places like a bathroom at a Motel 6, and a garage in Long Beach and many other unspeakable environments.So he said, go talk to Rick. If you got the cash, he will teach you to tattoo. So I did. And that conversation change my life. I did a year long apprenticeship with Rick, then got hired to work in Twenty Nine Palms , California at the one and  only Realistic Tattoo on Adobe Rd. That’s where I was working and did  another year-long apprenticeship under Catfish Carl from Fat George’s in La Puente. Well, after that where can you go. Straight to work for Colonel Todd. Great shop and Tilly Todd treated me as her own! I love her dearly and owe her a lot! So my Lineage goes as such! I learned from Rick Walters who learned from Phil Simms who learned from Bob Shaw  who learned from Bert Grimms. SoI had some pretty big shoes to fill! I have been trying my best to make them all proud and to carry on the legacy of my great ,great,great, Grand Father Bert Grimm.


Client Testimonials

Chris hooked me up with my first tat and it was perfect. Everyone at the shop is friendly and chill. I will definitely be returning. Thanks guys!

Jon T., Los Angeles

This place is great. Came in as a walk in, and they were able to accommodate me right away. My tattoo artist was Chris Winn. He designed exactly what I wanted, and did a wicked good job. Everyone here was very friendly. Definitely recommend.

Natalie S,, Los Angeles

I've been to Studio City Tattoo for both of my tattoos and I could not be happier. Both turned out fantastic. The artists were nice, and talked me through the whole thing. If I ever decide to get a third, I'll definitely be going back.

Logan Horberg

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