Joey Nichols

Joey Nichols - Tattoo Artist

Joey has been a regular guest artist here at Studio City Tattoo for over 15 years. We recently took Joey on to our crew full time. You will love Joey's attentive style and tattooing abilities.

Joey Nichols, born and raised in Simi Valley, has spent the past 23 years of his life tattooing and acquiring a well-rounded combination of experience and knowledge. A jack of all trades, comfortable with all sorts of different art styles, Joey enjoys taking on a challenge. He enjoys the vibrancy of color pieces, especially florals, but is also highly interested in creating and tattooing more black and grey designs. As an avid horror and comic fan, Joey’s absolute favorite pieces to create are themed similarly. He is also always happy to provide his clients with all varieties of lettering. Ultimately, Joey Nichols is an artist who truly values the trust of his clients and understands how personal his line of work is. His dedication and candor are consistently commended. He treats each tattoo as if it were going on his own body, and takes great pride in leaving his clients with a lifelong individualized design and an authentically honest experience.