Flower Tattoos & what they mean

Flower Tattoos and their meaning

From love and friendship to joy and happiness, flowers have held symbolic meaning since before the Victorian Era. So it’s no surprise that over the years, flowers have been incorporated into everything from jewelry to clothing, and most recently, tattoos. And while they certainly look stunning on men and women’s skin, flower tattoos have exploded in popularity over the past few years for reasons beyond just their beauty. Read more

Roses - Eternal symbol of love
Daisies - Innocence and purity, friends in a relationship
Sunflowers - Good luck, happiness, new beginnings
Tulips - Rebirth, determination
Lilies - Devotion, commitment, friendship
Carnations - Mothers, mothers & daughters, mother's day
Orchids - Flower of Magnificence, strong women
Lotus - Beauty & grace, strength, perseverance
Hibiscus - femininity, beauty, and purity ( in China ), immortality ( in Korea ), freedom & ease

Article by Tara Carlson

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