Top Ten Timeless Tattoo Ideas From Studio City Tattoo

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Top Ten Timeless Tattoo Ideas From Studio City Tattoo



We are 26 years old as a Los Angeles tattoo shop and over that time we have seen a lot of trends and fashions come and go in the tattoo world. Like all things of fashion trend, they fade and new fashion styles/ideas appear and take their place.  When choosing a tattoo here are some timeless tattoo designs ideas that we feel will never go out of style.






6.Grim Reaper

7.Classic Heart


9.Clipper Sailing Ship


For a timeless tattoo, please stop into Studio City Tattoo and talk with one of our friendly tattoo artists. Remember this is a personal life choice that should best represent who you are and what you like. If you get images of things you love then you will never go wrong. Tattooing is a very personal journey that should represent your desires and personal taste. So get what you love and you can't go wrong. We wish you good luck and happy tattooing on your search and acquisition of tattoos!

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