Steve White

Steve White - Body Piercer

Steve White has been piercing since 2002, and has been bringing his originality and expertise to Studio City Tattoo since 2008. Being the shop's head piercer, his years of experience provide his clients with a sense of ease and integrity. He particularly enjoys working on surface piercings and collaborative ear projects, where he can work in conjunction with clients to utilize his natural innovativeness. Steve runs his own recording studio and has been drumming for as long as he can remember; blending his artistry and inventiveness with his craft as a piercer. It becomes immediately apparent to his regular patrons and new faces alike that their comfort, confidence, and creativity are of utmost importance to him.

Client Testimonials

I rarely give 5 star reviews, Studio City Tattoo is somewhere I will definitely come back to. It was so clean in there and everyone was so friendly and kind. The ambiance was so calm and my slightly anxious 14 year old was so comfortable with Steve and a few of the other very friendly artists. She even commented about how relaxed everyone getting tattoos seemed. Steve was very informative and showed everything on the sterile field. He put my kid at ease and was super chill. He explained every step to her and showed her each item he would use and what it does. Over all VERY positive experience and I would absolutely recommend this shop for piercing especially for your kiddos. I am beyond grateful and I will be back for my next piercing!

Katie F, Fremont

I looked for weeks to find a good place to get my conch pierced and my friend told me about this place. I looked into it and everyone seemed to love this place. I came without an appointment and it was only a 5 minute wait for Steve to clean the earring. Steve was honestly amazing. I got my cartilage pierced a while ago at a different place and I really didn't like the service that much so this place was amazing. Steve made everything extremely easily and painless. I didn't even feel when the needle went through my ear. I'm definitely going to come back to get more piercings done. 100% recommend this place.

Maria S, Woodland Hills

Steve is amazing !  He pierced my nose and my conch today 🙂 Happy bday to me . I didn't even hardly feel anything at all! He was done so fast my body was like "wait wasn't that supposed to hurt?" He's clearly an expert that has it down to a science. My nose looks so much better now that he re- pierced it after I went to a diff shop and got a poorly placed piercing. All fixed now yay Steve!  Fast expert service. This is the place to go!! If you go somewhere different you're missing out. I mean, if you're gonna put a hole in your body make sure you pick someone who knows what they're doing (don't be like me 3 weeks ago. Be like me today and go to Steve!)

I'm excited for next time.

FayBeliever, Los Angeles

I came in Sunday afternoon for a helix (ear cartilage) piercing and Steve took fantastic care of me.
He was gentle and explained the process and even helped mark where he thought the piercing would
look best (I had no idea where I wanted it). The piercing was fast and not too painful - it was done with a needle and not
one of those horrible piercing guns. The shop itself is clean and very cutely decorated in pirate theme. Thank you Steve and Studio City Tattoo!!

Lauren L, San Francisco

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