james Rajewski


James Rajewski - Body Piercer

James Rajewski was born in Michigan and has traveled with his work throughout this country and beyond.. He has always been one to push the envelope. Primarily due to his passion to make any attempt to better the world he sees before him. One of his more profound inspirations was learning about primitive cultures and being so very curious about understanding their reasons for rites of passage and the immense physical pain they would endure. That being such an acute stimulus in his mind and soul, and having had many opportunities to choose many said occupations to achieve his endeavors, he chose body piercing/body modification as his route. Having been a professional piercer for 22 years now, his love for what he does has not lessened in the slightest. Having delved into more extreme body modification realms as well, he still treats and appreciates even the most common piercings with the same love, dedication and precision. His credentials in this industry cover many facets as you will certainly know upon your first encounter with him or doing your research. Seemingly always trying to better oneself or the one in his chair. You will leave your experience with James with not only the piercing you came for, but an awareness of the love and passion he puts into all that he does. His intention is to not only leave you with an impeccable piercing, but also with an equivalent experience. His purpose seems to be focused in aiding others in more profound realms and your piercing experience is his chosen avenue. His art is his love and this you could never deny.