The Art Of Choosing A New Tattoo

The Art of Choosing a New Tattoo!

There are many things to consider when choosing a new tattoo. Electing an artist that compliments your taste while also ensuring that the tattoo shop you decide to go with is a licensed professional facility, are just two crucial components when choosing a new tattoo. Yes, choosing a new tattoo should be an enjoyable adventure,but it’s wise when departing on such a permanent piece of body art that you cover all of your bases before pulling the proverbial tattoo trigger.

Health First, Style Second.
Even if it’s your first tattoo, it isn’t a mystery that there is blood involved and blood-borne pathogens that one must be protected from. Maintaining a clean environment using sterilized equipment is key.

First and foremost you have your health to consider. Always go to a health department licensed professional facility. There’s more at risk then a bad tattoo here. We deal in blood and there are blood borne pathogens that you need to be protected from. Don’t be afraid to ask the shop questions about their facility and how they sterilize their equipment. (Here at Studio City Tattoo we use 100% disposables tubes and needles. Everything touching your skin is single use has been sterilized and is thrown away responsibly after we use it on you. We’re 100% disposable)

When choosing a new tattoo, take a look around the tattoo shop first.

Is the shop clean and in order? How about the bathroom? Now a busy shop on a Saturday night might be a bit disheveled but you get the idea and will be able to tell if you’re in the right place for you. The shop should feel comfortable and you should be treated with respect and attention. While this may vary from shop to shop you need to find an artist and shop that you feel will meet your needs. This is a permanent art form and you want to take away a good experience with you when you leave the shop  by having a good tattoo and fond memories of the experience.This really makes the journey worth it.


The Artwork Involved in your New Tattoo, Choose Wisely.

Many busy tattoo shops require an art deposit before drawing artwork. This is normal because we simply can’t draw for everyone who is interested in a tattoo. The deposit separates the serious client from the only thinking about getting a tattoo client.

Now art is subjective so look for good clean lines and make sure the colors are solid in the artist’s portfolio examples. Did your artist draw the tattoo art?  Ask questions because a professional tattoo artist doesn’t mind questions and understands you might be new at this. Here’s a fun tip -Tattoo artist love it when you ask them to see tattoos that they have drawn that they would like to do for their portfolios. These are tattoos they really want to do and are ready to tattoo! You see we draw the art we really want to do for our portfolios as fine examples of our work. Not to say we don’t want to do your tattoo, because if you don’t look good we don’t look good!  I’m willing to bet if you’re looking for a bargain and picked one of their special wish portfolio pieces they would be more willing to give a deal

Tipping your artists after getting your new tattoo, Yes or No?

Tipping? While not a necessity it makes our life’s work. When you go to a good shop and there are many artists there. These artist share a large portion of the tattoo cost with the shop owner to help pay rent and run the shop. They don’t get all of your money and so the tips really are appreciated. This doesn’t mean the tip needs to be huge. It just means you appreciate your artist and keeps them going with their mean coffee habits. And the very best thing to help your artist is word of mouth. We make our living by doing a good job and making you happy so we really appreciate it when you tell a friend of leave a good review somewhere for us(Usually YELP he he )

After Care Tips and Tricks for your new Studio City Tattoo

After care of your new tattoo: A professional tattoo shop will have printed aftercare instructions for you and usually an aftercare product for healing that they are confident will do a good job allowing their artwork to heal well and look nice. DO yourself a favor, listen to the artist and follow the aftercare.It has been written for your benefit. We all have that friend who healed there tattoo this way or that but listen to your artist first!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog postings. We welcome you to come on in and say hello sometime.

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