Dan McWilliams

Dan McWilliams - Tattoo Artist

Dan Mcwilliams is a Los Angeles based Tattoo Artist and Painter. He specializes in photo realism, portraits and wildlife but has a deep love for anime and nerd culture. Dan was always drawn to art but it wasn’t until he started tattooing that he found his purpose. In this most personal and sacred medium he believes that there is no point in taking on a tattoo if one is not willing to pour their soul into it. Much like a horcrux each tattoo has a piece of his soul. When Dan isn’t at the shop you can find him watching anime, painting and grinding away, sharpening the tools of his trade. When one thinks they know it all that is all that they will know. Any solid artist can do a nice tattoo but each client has a story and they deserve to be told in a beautiful way.