Emily Grant


Emily Grant - Tattoo Artist

Emily Anne grew up envisioning herself as a comic book artist, drawn to the stylized imagery and the room for ingenuity. However, since 2002, she has gotten the opportunity to immortalize her creations daily through her tattoo artistry. Emily seamlessly blends her ideas and her original nature with clients, working to create a custom piece of lifelong artwork.

Emily's reliability, extensive experience, and an innovative constitution led her to Studio City Tattoo about three years ago. Emily enjoys tattooing any styles but particularly loves bringing her characteristic illustrative techniques to life. Musician, dog mom, gamer, illustrator, designer, and an adroit tattooist with a quick wit and an infectious laugh - Emily is a true Swiss Army Knife of an artist.

“Emily Anne from the streets of Hollywood fought her way up the tattooist ladder in a time when there were few female tattooists. Emily, helping pave the way for future ladies of ink is a real gem of our industry here in Hollywood. She breaks the barriers with pure [email protected]$$ talent”