Busy Philipps Gets First Tattoo @ Studio City Tattoo

July 11, 2018, 11:23 AM

Everyone’s favorite Instagram Stories star Busy Philipps crossed something off her bucket list on Tuesday.

The 39-year-old actress and mother of two got her first tattoo, documenting the entire process on Instagram (natch). “I’m not actually nervous,” Philipps assured her followers before the process started. “I had two kids with no pain drugs, I’m fine.”

Her ink, the phrase “aced out in her nudes,” was hand-written in cursive on the top of her left forearm by Jim Down, a tattoo artist at Studio City Tattoo.

As for the meaning of the expression, Philipps’ fans will have to wait until October to truly understand its significance. That’s when her memoir, It Only Hurts a Little, publishes.

“What it means is in my book,” Philipps wrote on Instagram. “Oh! And similar to the TITLE of my book- this only hurt a little. ??❤?.”

Philipps had a friend along for the ride, New York Times bestselling author and screenwriter Kelly Oxford.

It was actually Oxford’s idea to get inked. “I came to get a tattoo and texted Bus, and she was like, ‘You know what, this morning I woke up and I wanted a tattoo.’ So here we are getting tattoos,” Oxford explained on Philipps’ Instagram Stories.

“I literally woke up this morning and was like, ‘I want to get a tattoo today,’ ” Philipps added. “I said out loud today, ‘I want to get a tattoo today.’ And I then was about to just go to M Cafe and get some dinner and Kelly texted, ‘I’m getting a tattoo right now,’ and I said, ‘Where are you — I’m coming to meet you.’ This is how I do things guys. It’s so crazy how the world works, isn’t it?”

Oxford was a supportive. “I love it. I know what it is and I love it,” she said. “I’m really excited for you.”

Busy Philipps/Instagram

Afterwards, Philipps gushed that she was “very pleased” with how her first tattoo went, praising it’s location (“I like where it is. My upper, lower arm”), Down (whom she nicknamed “Jim in the Valley”) and joking that she had caught the tattoo bug.

“You know what’s going to happen now. Full sleeves. Neck, sleeve, sleeve, sleeve,” she teased. “Kelly and I already talked, are we starting ‘Tattoo Tuesdays’? Every Tuesday, a new tattoo. Maybe that’s why the place was so crowded…”

At least one person has already signed up to join her: Philipps’ mom.

“Wow wow wow guys. Crazy turn of events. My mom just texted and now she wants a tattoo for her 75th birthday,” Philipps said.

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Meanwhile, Down had nothing but praise for both ladies on Instagram.

“Tattooed the lovely and wonderful @kellyoxford and @busyphilipps tonight,” he wrote, captioning photos of them. “Both super nice, we had a fun time.”

“Thanks @busyphilipps hope you enjoy your tattoo!” he added in the caption to another pic.

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