Are you Zombie Rated ?

We built this Jeep for the Zombie apocalypses and 4×4 fun. Check out our website for the Jeep

Are you a Zombie Jeep enthusiast? Do you like the idea of fending off the recently deceased who’ve come back to life to eat your flesh? How about having to survive against the undead using your beloved Jeep? Or perhaps you just appreciate the top quality workmanship and want some simple modifications to your offroad vehicle? Well, you have come to the right place. This is the home of the Zombie Rated Jeep

We’re Zombie Rated, a group of Zombie Jeep loving individuals who drive, build and rate all things zombie apocalypse. We like well-made vehicles, survival equipment, and food. (ha ha ha, hey why not?) We like to have a good time with friends 4x4ing all the while seeking out cool items and places to share it with you here.

Is your Jeep Zombie Rated? Add us on Instagram and show us your ZA ride and if you love it chances are so will we. Show us and get Zombie Rated! If you like the idea get a Zombie Rated Emblem from our shop for your vehicle.

Take a look at our news to see what we are finding that is Zombie Rated and go check out the Garage to meet Mike Duval the mechanic who brought the Zombie Rated Jeep to life. Not only can he build you one like it but he is skilled in all aspects of Jeep and 4×4 modification.

We hope you enjoy the taking a look around and thank you for your interest in Zombie Rated.

zombie rated jeep
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